Bird TLC Summer camp ages 12 – 16


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Time: 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Cost: $400.00

Each 4-hour session will be a unique experience as students explore the fantastic world of birds through experiments, interpretive nature walks, interactive games, crafts, and live bird demonstrations. Ensure students pack appropriate gear for the weather, as these classes are held outside in a large tent. There will also be a break for lunch, so please bring a lunch and snack.

Day 1: Birds in Indigenous Culture

Listen to traditional stories from Alaska’s Indigenous cultures that incorporate bird behavior to teach about the natural world and how to treat others, humans and animals, with respect and kindness.

Day 2: Animal Husbandry and Training

Be ready to get your hands dirty in this interactive class! Students will prepare diets and create enrichment for Bird TLC Ambassador Birds and learn how Bird TLC trainers use operant conditioning to train birds, from eagles to magpies, in live bird demonstrations. Students will also learn to use the same techniques to train their pets at home.

Day 3: Avian Anatomy and Bird ID and Language

Young birders will explore avian diversity with interactive games, a scavenger hunt, and a conservation craft that will give them the skills to identify various avian species.

Day 4: Careers with Animals and Wildlife Warriors

From zookeeper to animal trainer, this class will introduce students to many exciting careers with animals. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations by Bird TLC rehabilitators, students will discover what it takes to save injured birds. They’ll learn how to splint fractured wings, prepare diets for avian patients, and how Bird TLC returns recovered birds to the wild.

Day 5: Conservation and Backyard Birding

Learn how to take action to help protect the diverse ecosystems in Alaska. Participants will discover steps they can take to protect and conserve animal populations by learning how to create a bird sanctuary in their backyard, construct a water collector, and make choices that help the earth continue to thrive.

Tiamuna Cancellation Policy:
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