Service Providers

Service Providers

With the mission to preserve and strengthen the traditions, languages, and art of Alaska’s Native People, the Tiamuna program is accepting applications for service providers who are interested in offering cultural enrichment and education services to Alaska Native and American Indian youth, kindergarten through 12th grade, in Anchorage.

What is a service provider?

Our service providers are educators, coaches, culture bearers, instructors, mentors, and teachers, and so much more. Providers have knowledge to share and a desire to shape future leaders by offering youth diverse opportunities for learning, growth, and healing.

Some services that students will be looking for are:

  • Cultural / traditional activities
  • Academic tutoring
  • Language classes (Yupik, Iñupiaq, etc.)
  • Wellness (Spirituality, Financial, Physical)
  • Life skills (Cooking, Leadership Development, 49 Days of Ceremony, etc.)
  • Camps (Music, Art, Cultural, etc.)
  • Career / College prep
  • Art classes (Sewing, Master Artist Workshop)
  • Subsistence

Ideal service providers will align with the following program goals:

  • Alaska Native and American Indian students and their caregivers know the educational options available to them in Anchorage, and specifically those that reflect Alaska Native cultures.
  • Alaska Native and American Indian students and their caregivers have meaningful access to the culturally reflective educational options they believe are best for their individual needs.
  • Alaska Native and American Indian students achieve educational outcomes that express their full potential and feel satisfied and culturally affirmed by their educational experiences.
Tiamuna Service Providers will have the opportunity to influence the next generation of Alaska Native and American Indian youth. All applications will be vetted and reviewed by the Alaska Native Heritage Center and Service Providers must go through an approval process prior to offering classes through the portal.
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