Eskimo Ninja Warrior Camp w/ Nick Hanson and Forest Strick


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The Eskimo Ninja Warrior Camp will host 3 sessions. Each session will feature a 9-week comprehensive Ninja
Warrior training program. Every week the students will spend 2.5 hours with a new set of obstacles,
learning the skills necessary to compete at a high level while balancing the importance of
sportsmanship and humility.

3rd – 12th grade

Schedule:   Saturdays at the Dome
• Session 1: Oct. 14 – Dec. 16 [excludes first week of Nov.] (2023)
• Session 2: Jan. 13 – Mar. 9 (2024)
• Session 3: Mar. 30 – May 25 (2024) Tentative. Dome schedule Pending

11:00-1:20 PM or 2-430 PM

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