Turnagain Ceramics summer camp session


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Turnagain Ceramics is excited to host TC Clay Camp 2024!

Students are invited to come explore the world of clay and pottery at Turnagain Ceramics!

During Clay Camp students build various pottery related skills and explore the creative process through fun filled clay centric activities and by learning how to make functional and decorative items such as mugs, figurines, sculptures, and a range of other fun projects.

TC Clay Camp is structured so students can come for one, or several weeks. In a single week students can have tons of fun while developing foundational hand building and wheel throwing techniques. Mastering pottery takes lots of practice, and in two or three weeks, students can really begin to hone their skills!

Age range: 9 – 16.

319 per session – You can purchase more than one session as needed!
Morning Session: 9:30am – 12:30pm
Afternoon Session: 2pm – 5pm
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