***Coming Soon*** Qaspeq Sewing Workshop with Sew Yup’ik



Come make a traditional qaspeq with Nikki of Sew Yup’ik. In this workshop students will learn how to make their own traditional qaspeq using their own body measurements. They will learn to take measurements. They will learn to make a pattern based on their body measurements. They will learn how to use a sewing machine. They will learn to use an iron if they have not used one before. They will learn to assemble qaspeq and utilize their creativity through choosing their trim to match their qaspeq. The students will create their own qaspeq.In the workshop I will talk to students about my childhood trauma and what I have learned along the way. I will discuss other topics such as investing, encouraging students to learn about their culture, how I reconnected with my Yup’ik culture, how I am re-teaching myself how to speak Yup’ik, and the importance of how culture can guide us in our lives.I will provide the fabric, trimming, and sewing materials needed to create a qaspeq.