Into The Woods: AK Youth Hiking and WFA Ages 10-13




Ages 10-13: $465





drop-off from 9am-9:30am, and pickup is 5pm-5:30pm

Alaska outdoor science and education for Alaska kids! Our youth summer camps focus on
learning foundational outdoor skills, environmental science, and wilderness safety. Our
Hiking + WFA (wilderness first aid) youth course will give youth the opportunity to gain
knowledge and skills, building an overall solid foundation in wilderness survival and safety
skills. A perfect course for Alaska kids to take so they can feel confident and
knowledgeable while out enjoying our beautiful and rugged Alaskan wilderness. In this
course, we typically divide our group into a beginner cohort and a more advanced cohort
so that participants can meet challenges at an appropriate level. In our advanced cohort,
we may spend a day going for speed and distance and do a mix of mountain running,
scrambling, and fast hiking up to class 3 hiking trails. In our beginner cohort, we’ll go up
to class 2 trails and focus on building foundational skills in hiking, going on less
complicated or challenging terrain than the advanced cohort.

7631 Jodhpur St, Anchorage, AK 99502

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