NEW! ~ Make Yourself Beginner Strength & Conditioning/6th to 12th grades/ $199 per month


Outcomes of training will include, but not limited to: 

Learn how to move correctly (running, squatting, hinging, pressing, pulling, etc.) 

Learn to love strength and conditioning, and what it can do for you! 

Increase stamina, strength, endurance, mobility, and mental and physical resilience.  

Reduced chance of injury. 

Understand how to train on your own.  

Elite Coaching: you can trust that your Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist has your best interests at heart and is going to set you up for success every training session. 

Athlete Education: most importantly, athletes will learn how to do this on their own. We will also talk about mindset and nutrition.   

Corner Coach for life: throughout the years, I will always be available to help athletes from afar with any help they need. The value of having a knowledgeable, neutral mentor outside of your coaching staff is invaluable. 

Tu-Thur 10 – 11 AM, Saturdays 8:30 to 10:00 AM