Make Yourself Advanced Strength & Conditioning/ 9th to 12th grades/ $199 per month


Session are M-W-F @ 7:30 AM and Saturdays 8:30 Am


Make this your summer of separation and unlock your greatest athletic potential. Outcomes of training will include, but are not limited to:

-Increased vertical jump

-Sport specific strength and power development

-Increased stamina

-Reduced chance of injury

-Understanding of how to train on your own

These sessions will feel like one-on-one training within a group of other athletes on their own uncommon pursuit of excellence. 

Sport Specific: training sessions will be tailored to the make-up of the group.  For example, if we have a diverse group of athletes (soccer, volleyball, hockey, basketball, wrestling, sports alumnus, etc.) training will work in specific drills to help each athlete excel at their sport.  

Athlete Education: most importantly, athletes will learn how to do this on their own. We will also talk about mindset and nutrition.   

Corner Coach for life: throughout the years, I will always be available to help athletes from afar with any help they need. The value of having a knowledgeable, neutral mentor outside of your coaching staff is invaluable.