Make Yourself: 7th-9th grade Full Akademy




The AKademy is an exclusive opportunity for middle school and high school athletes who are very serious about basketball. Participants will be put through a
progressive and intense three week training block of on the court basketball skill development and in the weight-room strength and conditioning. The fall AKademy is
4 days a week, with training locations alternating a facility with a basketball court and a strength and conditioning faciliity (changes seasonally, please stay updated
with Make Yourself’s website). Athletes will be coached by two of Alaska’s best skill development coaches (both former professional players) on the court, and a
Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in the weight-room. AKdemies will run every month until the start of next years basketball season.

  • Full Akademy : $189 (paid in full, no refunds, expires 3 weeks from purchase)
  • Session days, times, and location are seasonal, check the Make Yourself website at for the current schedule

Upon sign up, please email Coach Alysa directly at [email protected] to get your session times scheduled through the Make Yourself website. This is a mandatory step in order to participate in sessions!

Tiamuna Cancellation Policy: 

No Refunds, No Transfers, No Cancellations, No Returns 

Participants can pause or postpone services, but this is on a case-by-case basis and up to the discretion of the Tiamuna Staff and the Service Provider.