Make Yourself: 4th-6th grade Akademy




For more competitive Elementary aged players who love basketball and are wanting to take it more seriously and understand the game at a more advanced level.
Unlike the older Akademies, this age group does not have a strength and conditioning section, but athletes can expect that it will be built into their on court time. We
will also not work in 3 week cycles for this group, but on a consistent 2 sessions per week basis throughout the school year. Spots are limited to 14.

  • 8 Session punch card, $149, paid in full, no refunds
  • Session days, times, and location are seasonal, check the Make Yourself website at for the current schedule

Upon sign up, please email Coach Alysa directly at [email protected] to get your session times scheduled through the Make Yourself website. This is a mandatory step in order to participate in sessions!

Tiamuna Cancellation Policy: 

No Refunds, No Transfers, No Cancellations, No Returns 

Participants can pause or postpone services, but this is on a case-by-case basis and up to the discretion of the Tiamuna Staff and the Service Provider.