***Coming Soon*** Turning Leaf Individual Reading or Math Instruction, 3 Sessions/Week


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Our instruction is based on an individual’s learning needs and embodies an interactive, balanced approach. To become proficient in learning individuals must have the ability to process language. Through Socratic questioning, Turning Leaf Literacy Center teaches students to integrate sensory information to help them in self-monitoring and to become self-correcting and independent in all learning skills. By addressing sensory-cognitive functions such as phonemic awareness, symbol imagery, and concept imagery Turning Leaf will help to improve reading, spelling, comprehension, and math skills for children and adults. The programs listed below will be recommended according to each individual’s learning deficit.1. The Seeing Stars ® program provides sensory- cognitive development of Phonemic Awareness and Symbol Imagery – the ability to visualize the identity, number, and sequence of sounds and letters within words – for phonological and orthographical processing in order to anchor and retain words in the visual memory system to increase reading and spelling skills.2. Visualizing and Verbalizing for Language Comprehension and Thinking ® program provides sensory-cognitive development of Concept Imagery – the ability to create a visual gestalt (whole) from oral and written language—in order to improve oral language comprehension, reading comprehension, reading recall, problem solving, critical thinking, ability to follow directions, and to aid in self-monitoring and correcting decoding errors.3. The On Cloud Nine ® math program provides development of Numeral Imagery and Concept Imagery in order to improve mathematical concepts and computation by developing a dual-coding base of imagery and language, which improves the ability to think and reason with numbers. Improved math skills will be developed through the integration of language with manipulatives and visual imagery. This will aid in the understanding of arithmetic concepts and accuracy in computation.4. The LiPS ® phoneme sequencing program for reading, spelling, and speech provides sensory-cognitive development of Phonemic Awareness—the ability to sequence sounds and letters within words in order to have proficient decoding abilities, be able to self monitor and self correct for proficient reading and spelling skills. Students will also recognize how their mouths produce the sounds of language.Each one-hour instructional lesson is one on one, pre and post evaluation with consultation is included with a minimum of 40 sessions.  60 Sessions is recommended. 

  • Monday thru Friday
  • One-hour sessions
  • 8 AM to 7 PM